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Staff / June 30th, 2010 / No Comments

Twilight star Dakota Fanning has revealed that before she became an actress, her parents had hoped she would excel on the sporting field.

“My mum went to college on a full scholarship for tennis, my dad played minor-league baseball and my grandfather was a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles,” The Secret Life Of Bees star told Jay Leno.

She added: “So before I started acting, the plan for me was to be a tennis player – that was the plan for me and my mum had me in tennis classes.

“One day, I went to her and told her I really love the outfits, but it’s just too hot – it’s just too hot for me to play tennis and I didn’t want to play anymore.”

Fanning, 16, has also previously confessed to the Daily Mail that she was “traumatised” by her experience on the football pitch.

She told the UK newspaper: “I was playing in a game one day and I got the ball for the first time and I was so excited and I was running and running… I turned around and nobody was cheering for me and nobody was proud of me – and I then realised I’d kicked it in the wrong goal – so I quit soccer too.” [Source]

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