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Staff / June 21st, 2011 / No Comments

Marc Jacobs’ new scent features Dakota Fanning for Oh Lola!. Hard to believe, but Fanning has just graduated high school and is taking on more mature roles. Only 17 years old, the ad campaign is stirring up a frenzy. The Twilight star has had a life in the spotlight from a young age.

The new fragrance is the sister to his original Lola fragrance marketed to younger women. According to Nine MSN, Marc Jacobs stated, “I knew she could be this contemporary Lolita, seductive yet sweet.”

Fanning is sweet, but in the ad campaign, she is holding a large bottle of perfume between her legs, which has led to criticism.

Lolita, the novel from the 1950s, is the infamous story about a very young girl who has an inappropriate relationship with her stepfather. Recreating this story was the intent of Jacobs, as reported by Daily Mail. The particular photo under scrutiny is just one of many beautiful photos of Dakota Fanning. 

Dakota Fanning is wearing a pretty pink dress scattered with polka dots. The background is very subtle with a pale pink backdrop. She is peering at the camera with seductive eyes and clutching the perfume. Fans and critics are not happy with the ad, but she looks great. She is a professional actress and is very skilled in getting into character.

What makes Dakota Fanning for “Oh Lola” different from her starring in a vampire flick? They both contain mature themes, but clearly this young woman is a mature 17-year-old.

The perfume is described having sweet fruity tones, blended with floral hints of peony and a background of vanilla. The notes include wild strawberry, raspberry, pear, peony, sandalwood, and vanilla. Oh Lola! is available as 30, 50, and 100 mL Eau de Toilette. [Source]

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