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Staff / March 14th, 2014 / No Comments

The actress poses with sister Elle and stylist Samantha McMillen, who says she chooses very different looks for the siblings.

Dakota Fanning may shine on the red carpet, but she doesn’t like the process leading up to it.

The actress says she hates trying on clothes, though she adores her stylist Samantha McMillen, who is No. 14 on The Hollywood Reporter’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists of 2014.

“I love Samantha and I love working with Samantha, but one of the things I most hate in life is trying on clothes, ironically” Fanning says with a laugh. “I want to just visit with Samantha and talk to her, and I wish I didn’t have to try on the clothes.”

Fanning’s sister, Elle Fanning, is much more enthusiastic about the process.

“I’m very into trying on clothes, and I love putting all of the little details together,” she says.

McMillen says although her clients are sisters, they have very different fashion aesthetics.

“Dakota has more of an old Hollywood feel,” says McMillen. “Elle is more bohemian, and I think a little more sporty….I would never pull the same things for Dakota that I would pull for Elle. [Source]

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