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Staff / June 30th, 2010 / No Comments

We aren’t saying this only because we are completely Team Coco, but we really can’t stand Jay Leno’s late night shows. If you missed Dakota Fanning on “The Tonight Show” last day, don’t even bother catching it online and just wait until tomorrow night when the entire cast is on Jimmy Kimmel.

Not only was there no new clip (we have the now staple Volturi in Seattle scene), but there was no real talk of “Eclipse,” and the entire interview was a clearly pre-choreographed snooze fest.

All the talk of “Eclipse” was in the final minutes of the interview, where Dakota admitted she has loved Vancouver since she worked on some projects there when she was younger, and spends most of her time walking up and down Robson Street. Jay seemed really concerned about how she and the rest of the cast (or “vampires,” as he repeatedly put it) spent their time off set, so Dakota told a story about how they played a game of what can only be described as mini-bowling during their “New Moon” days.

Now, yes, there has been plenty of oversaturation with the stars of “Eclipse” over the past two months, but there could have at least been some effort to talk about the film. It’s what she was there to promote, and as much as we love that she was adorable as a kid playing sports and loves the Lakers, that’s not what we wanted to see.

Here’s a brief recap of the first eight minutes of Dakota’s interview:

She loves the Lakers, so Jay got her a signed Paul Gasol ball, which she said she would give to her dad as a late Father’s Day present. “It’s hard to regift when it’s been seen on ‘The Tonight Show’,” Jay cautioned, but Dakota didn’t seem to care.

Turns out Dakota’s family is extremely sports oriented, and the original plan was for Dakota to be a tennis superstar like her mom. Cue a photo of Dakota in a cute tennis outfit.

“Then I came to my mom one day and I was like, I really like the outfits, the outfits I get to wear, but it’s just too hot for me to play tennis, and I didn’t want to play anymore,” Dakota said of her short-lived love.

Then came soccer (yes, cue a photo of Dakota in a cute soccer outfit, she clearly wasn’t prompted for this interview at all), which ended after Dakota accidentally kicked the ball into her team’s net.

“We had to figure something else out, so I starred in ‘I Am Sam’ at 6, so that had to do,” she said with a laugh.

For some reason talk then steered to concerts, and for some reason it was important to share that Alicia Keys was Dakota’s first concert, after they worked together on “The Secret Life of Bees.” Her favorite that she’s been to was from Britney Spears’ “Circus” tour, because Britney was the first celebrity she met in Hollywood at age 6.

Finally, they talked about Dakota’s junior prom. Honestly, we’re glad Dakota is getting to live a normal childhood and got to experience her first prom just like the rest of us, but for Jay to spend a few minutes discussing prom themes? We could have lived without that. [Source]

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