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Staff / July 28th, 2011 / No Comments

Elle and Dakota Fanning are featured in the August issue of ‘Vogue’ for the magazine’s annual age portfolio. The two adorable and talented sisters pose together and talk about childhood and life spent in the spotlight, but also about fashion, and college life.

Vogue’s August 2011 issue celebrates women of all ages, from thirteen-year-old Elle Fanning to 96-year-old Ida Keeling. This time, Elle poses alongside her 17-year-old sister Dakota looking all styled up in retro clothes and flaunting their shiny blonde curls.

In the interview with the magazine, the young actresses talked about being a teenager always in the spotlight and growing up in show business.
Dakota, who’s first significant role was the one in the NBC prime-time drama ER and which remains one of her favorite parts, says that this is the life they have always known. “I’ve been working since I was six, Elle since two. What you grow up with is what you become used to,” she told ‘Vogue’.

When being asked on the weirdness of being a teenager always in the spotlight, the abnormality of it, and if this ever gets on her nerves, Dakota said that, “When you choose to do this with your life, you’re in the public and people watch you. But I’d rather do this than not.” [Source]

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