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Pop-up images aren’t full size (Gallery)

This is not an error! With the new version of Coppermine, they’ve added a script that reads the screen resolution of visitor and “full-size” photos are resized to best fit that resolution. This only happens via the pop-up window. If you right click on the photo and view properties, you will see that it says something like: 2,350px × 1,900px (scaled to 1,100px × 770px). This is done to allow a person with a slower connection or smaller monitor to see the full image instead of having to scroll. If the image is saved, it will save in its full original size.

Are you Dakota?

Nope, I am merely a fan

Do you know Dakota?


You don’t have any contact with Dakota?

Nope, sorry

Why did you make this site?

I had been a fan of Dakota’s for many years now and had decided it would be fun to run a fansite dedicated to her so I adopted dakota-fanning.com.

How can I contact you?

If you wish to contact me for any reason, please do so here

What pictures can I contribute?

Almost anything! Movie stills, movie premieres, magazine scans, interviews, articles and other public events.Do not send pictures that other fansites have taken themselves If you are contributing pictures or graphics, please upload them to your server or photo sharing site like photobucket, etc. I will not open attachments

How can I support your site?

Sending in fan submissions is the number one way of support. Remember, everything on here is fan based. You can also let other people know about my site. Or you can donate money to buy stuff, every little bit helps.