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Staff / March 2nd, 2011 / No Comments

Cherubic child star Dakota Fanning is all grown up and, it seems, getting very serious about this whole acting thing. The teen star has just booked not one, not two, but three films. It looks like we finally have someone to take over Natalie Portman’s role of starring in every other movie once she goes on maternity leave. Phew!

Dakota will first hop on this whole The King’s Speech bandwagon by playing a young Princess Margaret in Girl’s Night Out. The flick finds her and sis Queen Elizabeth enjoying one wild night outside the confines of Buckingham Palace. No word on whether or not young Margaret is then chided by her stuttering father. Next, Fanning gets gritty in Mississippi Wild, playing the girlfriend of a teen who steals some diamonds belonging to a local gangster and is forced to go on the run. It’s like The Runaways. Literally.

Finally, Fanning is joining Emile Hirsch and sister Elle’s bestie Stephen Dorff in Motel Life. Dorff clearly sees he has a good thing going with this whole Somewhere thing and is not trying to buck the trend. Smart guy.

And don’t forget that little vampire flick Breaking Dawn Fanning is filming. Kids these days, such overachievers. [Source]

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