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Apr 15, 2024
New layout at Dakota Fanning Network

As you can see, we have a new and beautiful layout here.

The site is going to celebrate 14 years online next month and, with Dakota doing some new shoots and everything, it is a really perfect moment to have a new layout here.

I would like to thanks my brother, Nicky, who got this layout for me. Also, would like to thank Gemma for this beautiful layout.

I am planning to add tons of new stuff here. I am trying to get some great photoshoots and some beautiful magazine scans to add here. If you want to help this site to keep online and get this stuff to upload here, please, feel free to go here to donate. Every single dollar will help with this.

Also, if you find any errors or have suggestions or something, please, feel free to contact me.

Thanks to everyone for the support and for visiting the site. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

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Apr 15, 2024
New photoshoots of Dakota Fanning added

Some new photoshoots of Dakota Fanning have been added to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy!

If you like the updates and want to help this site to keep online, please, feel free to go here to donate. Every little bit helps! I really need help to keep the site.

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Apr 15, 2024
As Marge Sherwood, Dakota Fanning portrays a formidable foe opposite Andrew Scott in Ripley

Since the tender age of seven, Dakota Fanning has owned every moment she’s been onscreen. The actor’s breakthrough came in the 2001 drama I Am Sam — a performance she received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for, making her the youngest nominee in SAG history. Fanning went on to star in Man on Fire and War of the Worlds, portray Cherie Currie in the musical biopic The Runaways, and deliver a captivating turn in the Emmy-nominated series The Alienist.

However, it was Fanning’s work as a Charles Manson acolyte in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time . . . in Hollywood that convinced writer-director Steven Zaillian (Schindler’s List) she would be the perfect Marge Sherwood in his eight-part series Ripley, a provocative adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 novel The Talented Mr. Ripley. An aspiring writer whose understated confidence exudes the air of upper-crust society, Marge is a constant companion of Dickie Greenleaf (Johnny Flynn), the errant playboy who is suddenly orbited by an odd stranger named Tom Ripley, played bewitchingly by Andrew Scott. Where others are taken in by the suave grifter, Marge can sense that the man is not what he seems.

Fanning jumped at the chance to play the character and take on the challenges associated with the role — not least of which was learning Italian prior to the months-long location shoot that visited Rome, Venice, Palermo, Capri, and Atrani on the Amalfi Coast. Perhaps the greatest artistic thrill, she says, was working opposite Scott in the confrontational moments between Tom and Marge: “I knew that it would be really fun to do those scenes with Andrew — and it was.”

An edited version of the conversation follows.

Krista Smith: What drew you to Ripley and why did you want to play Marge Sherwood?

Dakota Fanning: Having eight hours to explore these characters that you think you know, whether through the book or through the [1999] film adaptation, I was like, “Oh, that’s going to be amazing.” I was such an admirer of Steve and of Andrew. So when I [was cast as] Marge, I was overcome with excitement. Just hearing Steve’s vision and how devoted he was to the story, you knew that you were going to be supported. He’s so detailed, you were always going to know exactly where you stood. And that’s what I like as an actor.
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Apr 15, 2024
Dakota Fanning & Andrew Scott Had Drastically Different Childhoods | Ask Me Anything | ELLE

Dakota Fanning & Andrew Scott may portray characters with a complicated relationship in the new Netflix mini-series ‘Ripley,’ but off-screen their banter is unmatched. The actors sat down with ELLE for a round of Ask Me Anything where Andrew Scott gets honest about his most Irish traits, including his love for Riverdance, and Dakota Fanning confesses who can leave her starstruck. The duo chats about topics such as the resurgence of ‘Twilight’ and the backstory behind Kurt Russell gifting Dakota a horse.

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Apr 15, 2024
Dakota Fanning & Andrew Scott Quiz Each Other on Their Careers | All About Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

Dakota Fanning and Andrew Scott may have spent time together in Italy filming their new limited Netflix series ‘Ripley,’ but how well do they know each other’s careers? While Andrew attempts to remember answers to his own trivia questions, he and Dakota laugh over the gifts she’s received from celeb co-stars and those Andrew missed out on. The two hilariously reminisce about their pasts, including the first commercial Andrew ever starred in and Dakota’s first fashion campaign.

‘Ripley’ is available to stream on Netflix.

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Apr 15, 2024
Dakota Fanning Thinks Ripley’s Marge and Tom Are More Alike Than They Seem

Andrew Scott makes for a captivating killer in the first four episodes of Netflix’s Ripley, streaming now. Dakota Fanning stops by Still Watching to talk about her new spin on Marge Sherwood and how she stayed grounded while transitioning from child star to adult actor.

This certainly isn’t your mother’s The Talented Mr. Ripley. Andrew Scott stars as the titular sociopath in Ripley, Netflix’s dark dramatization of Patricia Highsmith’s novel from the 1950s, which takes a decidedly different approach to the source material than Anthony Minghella’s classic 1999 film starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, and Matt Damon. Written and created by Oscar winner Steven Zaillian, Ripley hews closer to Highsmith’s novel, following striver Tom as he befriends, murders, then impersonates Dickie Greenleaf (Johnny Flynn), then makes his way through Italy avoiding capture.

For Dakota Fanning, stepping into the suave loafers of Dickie’s girlfriend, Marge Sherwood—a part memorably played by Paltrow—was a thrill from the moment she received the first scripts. “I’m a very fast reader as it is, but this was next level,” she said while appearing on VF’s Still Watching podcast. “I was like, I think you need to wait an hour or two before you respond.”

Although Tom Ripley is painted to be the ultimate outsider, Fanning was drawn to the surprising similarities between Marge and Tom. “I think that, weirdly, they kind of see a weird little piece of themselves in each other, and perhaps that’s why they dislike each other so much right from the start,” says Fanning. “Marge’s vanity sometimes gets in her way a little bit. Tom kind of uses that to ingratiate himself with her, and she kind of falls prey to that.”

Fanning dropped by Still Watching to chat about the first half of the series, this darker take on Tom Ripley, Marge’s opportunism, and how she stayed grounded while transitioning from child star to adult actor.

Vanity Fair: What was your relationship with The Talented Mr. Ripley before jumping onto this project?

Dakota Fanning: I was familiar with the characters, familiar with the material, and wasn’t jumping in totally blind. It was very clear from the beginning that Steve’s version was going to be a very faithful adaptation to the Patricia Highsmith novel. We were also going to get to go more in depth with the characters simply because of the eight-episode-series format. I know that was the big draw for [Steve]—being able to have that time to spend with Tom Ripley, especially, but with everyone.

So, I was excited when I read the scripts. I read them so quickly that I remember thinking, If I email Steve back now, he’s never going to believe that I read them all [laughs].
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Apr 15, 2024
The (Very) Talented Dakota Fanning

The “Ripley” star on the lessons she’s learned about acting—and life—over a 25-year career.

Dakota Fanning was just 5 years old on the set of her first project, a Tide commercial she scored after answering the question, “What do you want for Christmas?” at her audition. “All I wanted was mechanical pencils, and I think they chose me because I gave a weirder, more specific answer,” she tells us. In between setups, she heard the director call out for his “hero girl.”

“He was like, ‘Where’s hero girl? Can we get hero girl in here?’ ” Fanning recalls. “My mom and I, we were like, ‘Oh, that’s so cute. I’m a hero. That’s sweet.’ ”

It was only later that she learned “hero” is a production term for a particularly important prop. She was essentially sharing call sheet space with the detergent bottle being used in close-ups. “It wasn’t not a compliment,” Fanning says with a laugh. “But it wasn’t exactly specific to me.”

That was the first of a lifetime of lessons for Fanning, whose on-set education started early and never quite stopped. Her brief stint as a commercial kid star led to a trip from her home state of Georgia to Los Angeles to give pilot season a shot. At the time, she assumed she’d return home once the gigs stopped coming. As it turned out, they never did.

“I feel like that’s how it happens sometimes,” she says. “You’re just present day to day, and then all of a sudden I’m doing ‘I Am Sam’ with Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer—which is a very different thing from being the ‘hero girl’ in a Tide commercial.”

“It has always been, even now, about holding onto that childlike imagination, because I really think that’s what acting is at the end of the day.”

In the decade that followed, Fanning was quite literally Hollywood’s poster child—which is to say, if you walked past a piece of movie marketing in the early aughts, there she was, promising a performance well beyond her years. Her turn in the aforementioned “I Am Sam” (2001) earned her a SAG Award nod for female supporting actor at only 7 years old, making her the youngest individual SAG nominee in history. In 2004, she stood toe-to-toe with Denzel Washington in Tony Scott’s “Man on Fire.” A year later, she had top billing in Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi blockbuster “War of the Worlds” opposite Tom Cruise, then sparred with Robert De Niro in John Polson’s psychological thriller “Hide and Seek.”

Today, Fanning remains a commanding onscreen presence. Case in point: her multilayered performance on Netflix’s thriller “Ripley,” Steven Zaillian’s limited series adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 novel “The Talented Mr. Ripley.” Fanning plays the distrustful Marge Sherwood across from Andrew Scott’s con man, Tom Ripley.
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Apr 9, 2024
New photoshoot of Dakota Fanning added

A new photoshoot of Dakota Fanning have been added to the gallery, so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy! I hope more shoots are coming!

If you like the updates and want to help this site to keep online, please, feel free to go here to donate. Every little bit helps! I really need help to keep the site.

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